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Bio-Frags are autobiographical poetry fragments and I have set myself the task of writing one a day. With each poem I aim to capture something from that day such as an idea, an emotion, a place or anything else that caught my attention.

I will batch update this section once a week on Saturdays.

29/06/10 - 19.10pm

Swirling half-thoughts
and undeveloped dreams
twist and twirl into a mind storm.

Leaves lash at windows
doorknobs rattle
and the house shakes.

A deep inhale - silence
for a moment or two.

18/06/10 - 19.51pm

Flicking through
the high-coloured
pages, admiring the soft
tones and seductive landscapes
of rolling fields and setting suns.

Lulled by the calm seas
and floating clouds, all frozen
by the click of a button.

17/06/10 - 20.14pm

A long day
crawls closer
to the weekend.


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Horror And Supernatural Poetry

From time to time I post my horror and supernatural poetry to my blog. For easy reference I have listed the titles and first lines of those pieces here:

Turtle - Turn in circles in your

The House - It watches me from its hilltop

Howl - Lovelorn werewolves howl

Spectres On Station Road - Beneath a pale

London - London dreams

I Am Dead - Dry your tears

Ethereal Flame - Spinning around before me


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