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Dark World Cover 




Dark World And 4 Other Apocalyptic Poems:


  • Dark World
  • Earth's Fury
  • Clock Of Terror
  • City Of Eternal Snow
  • Descent

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Dark World

We squirm through this dark world
In our mass of millions
But we crawl alone,
Hearts weighed down with our emotions
That only we as individuals can understand.

Eaten up by this twisted planet
Writhing in our human pain and self-pity.
Time flies past – the bringer of destruction,
Leaving us quivering in its path.

From birth to death - our only destination
Caught in our own never-ending cycle.
Stuck on a world heading towards extinction
Only darkness will remain.

chimeraworld 2 cover

Chimeraworld 2 containing her short story Birdcage. Published by Chimericana books 2005.

Available here from Lulu.com in paperback or pdf..


  • Damp - Steve Lockley & Paul Lewis
  • The Dance - Brian W Keen
  • The Stagnant Ponds - Kurt Newton
  • A Taste For Deformity - Dustin LaValley
  • The Abortion People - David L Tamarin
  • It's Your Turn – Derek Gunn
  • Twisted Justice – Michele Acker
  • This Colossal Wreck or Fuck You and the Virus You Rode in On - Anthony Cain
  • Cunt - William D. Carl
  • The Fort - Glen Alan Hamilton
  • Asking For It – Quentin S Crisp
  • Embalming 101 - J. M. Heluk
  • At The Orphanage - Charles Richard Laing
  • Dream Lover – Ken Goldman
  • Blind Feeling - Nicholas Alan Tillemans
  • Grey Love - Suzanne Church
  • Fizz – Eric Shapiro
  • Little Boy Blue - Tony Richards
  • Birdcage - Karen James (aka Katy Bennett)
  • Sin And Sorrow - John Meany
  • Abraham Lincoln's Children - Andrew Zimmerman Jones
  • The Final Wait - Richard Lee
  • The Forgotten - Destiny West




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