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November Poem A Day Chapbook Challenge

Hosted by Writers Digest Poetic Asides Blog

Sunday, 21st November 2010

PAD - End Of Week 3 Reflections

Ok despite all the odds I have completed week 3. Too tired after a week of nightmare commutes and a total lack of sleep to feel proud.

A lot of my first drafts work like a free write I don't know where I'm going until I get started. This weeks poems have lacked any feeling of inspiration and my memory has refused to be dug for morsels I can twist and shape into a poem. But at least I can write without those factors coming into play.

As for a theme for the chapbook I've been straddling a kind of love and sea theme which is representative of the direction my life's working towards. Mmm, maybe not the love bit so much.

It's onwards to week 4, and luckily I have 4 whole days off work in which to write.

Sunday, 14th November 2010

PAD - Week 2 Reflections

Today was the end of week two. Over the last week, each day I've been finding myself wondering if this will be the day that things grind to a halt. But with the exception of Day 12(no more than a fragment) I've completed each of the prompts. November is getting greyer and wetter, more things are clamouring for my attention and I'm tired.

I think part of the success comes down to Robert Lee Brewers prompts being so accessible. Some of the prompts could spawn whole chapbooks of their own.

I enter week 3 with some trepidation and determination not quite knowing what will be around the corner or what will rise out of my mind next.

Sunday, 7th November 2010

PAD - Week 1 Reflections

It's a huge success for me that I'm still going at the end of week 1 and I have finished everything I've started albeit the poems are still in their newborn form. I'm hoping I can make it to the end of week two. I think I needed to be at this point in my life to really do something with my writing. My mind feels focused for the first time in a long, long time and I'm enjoying writing for the sake of writing.

Disconnect surprised me because I hadn't thought about him in years and I can look at the relationship now and not feel a thing, that chapter is finally closed. Some other pieces need rewriting and expanding, punctuation is missing, some titles also need tweaking but that's for next month and I'm going to regag the editor now.

My writing is no longer dominantly horror but I will still continue to promote the genre on my site and in my newsletter it's still my favourite genre to read. I will still be writing horror but I've freed myself from restrictions.

I'd like to thank the other guys and girls doing PAD for their comments and their community. But special thanks go to Robert Lee Brewer for putting this together.

Monday, 1st November 2010

November Writing

November is the month of mammoth writing challenges and this year I'm doing the writers digest poem a day challenge. I will be posting all poems on my blog, please feel free to comment on or critique my poems. I expect that they will be rough and underdeveloped to begin with.

On the 1st of December I'll pull them all down and begin rewriting.

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